Registration Notes

  • The payment service is accessed via the authorized webpages.
  • For attendees from Chinese Mainland:
  • For attendees OUTSIDE Chinese Mainland:
  • Account: (your registered email in ASLIBS 2021)
  • Password: aslibs2021
    a) If the account doesn’t work, please “sign up” with the email you used to submit abstracts;
    b) The attendees, OUTSIDE Chinese Mainland, are requested to participate the conference using ZOOM meeting.

Registration Fees

Registration type Attendees From Chinese Mainland Attendees OUTSIDE Chinese Mainland
Early Bird Registration
Until September 30th, 2021(included)
Non-Student 2500 RMB /
Student 1300 RMB
Standard Registration Non-Student 3000 RMB Non-Student 120$ US dollars
Student 1800 RMB Student 40$ US dollars